Thursday, August 25, 2011

my first wasp removal

When I went to pickup the bees from the crate cutout, I was informed that wasps/yellow jackets moved into another crate. Since i needed to put my suit one anyway, i removed the colony.


I think these are/were paper wasps


  1. Did you notice that the wasps were aggressive compared to honey bees? Any wasp stings?

  2. I used a (battery powered) impact wrench to open the top layer of the cradle. When I did the same a day earlier with the honey bees, they came and investigated but none was stinging me. These wasps immediately came out, landed on my gloves and tried to sting me. Compared to bees, they can re-use their stingers. None of them got through though. None of the wasps came to my veil, what i am used to with angry bees ;-)
    It wasn't a bad experience