Friday, October 28, 2011

Bees under floor in gym shed

I got a call from a person in Oxnard who had bees in a Gym he made in a shed in the back of his garden.
I moved some gym equipment, pulled up the carpet, Removed some screws and gained access underneath the floor board
Once i opened the board....
In their new home, at the former entrance

I picked them up this night at 8pm when it was dark. I hope they like their new place.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

plastic frames in a hive not accepted

I was called by a great couple in Ojai who had bees in their backyard, which were acting "weird". They wanted me to come out and take a look. When I arrived I suited up only to find out the bees had absconded. Another beekeeper had advised the couple to use plastic foundation. In the photo's you can see for yourself how the bees "accepted" the plastic:
It's clear: they didn't!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Attic bees

Lot's of times people call me with the phrase "I have bees in my attic" Up to now, it always turned out bees were in a double wall or behind the insulation. this time however... [CLICK ON PICTURES FOR LARGE SIZE VIEW]
A nice home in Thousand Oaks. Bees are entering underneath the eave
entrance to attic
furnace in attic
There i a lot of glass wool up here
the way to move is crawl though these wooden structures
You can only stand on the wooden rafters. If I would put my weight on the drywall, I would poke a hole in the ceiling
That is the corner i need to go to
almost there
The colony and the comb
Meanwhile, outside the bees were piling up. Before I went in, i clogged up the entrance. Unfortunately the angle of the outside roof is 45 degrees, the lower roof id probably at 15 degrees. leaving 30 degrees angle for me to crawl in. No matter how I tried, i couldn't get to the edge where the comb is to get it out. I have to rethink my strategy and do it another way. Preferably on a day with less heat...