Sunday, September 18, 2011

bee rescue from underneath chicken cage

I was asked to remove some bees from a neighbor who had bees underneath an unused chicken coup.
[click on pictures for larger version]
I first removed the wooden coop from the stands, so the the stands became visible. One of these contained the hive
Bees and comb visible through one of the holes
The neighbor was very interested in the bees and took some pictures & did a lot of the actual work (with some coaching from me)
Inside the stand.Nice bunch of bees
Here all the comb is attached in the frames. We shook the bees on the frames so that they would crawl in.
Some of the bees walked onto the side of the chicken coop (which was used as working table)
Bees on the frames. They weren't immediately going in the box. I put the lid 3/4 on and returned a couple of hours later. By that time they had all gone in and i closed the lid.

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