Tuesday, July 13, 2010

bees in a commercial building

Yesterday I was called to a commercial building in Camarillo.
They had bees flying inside the big building where they mix paint.
They were clearly looking for a place to build a hive.
The ceiling has aluminum foil to insulate the wooden roof above it. there is about 4 inches of space between them. 40-50 bees were scouting out the place to see where to build the colony.
I was lifted on top of about 3 ft of palets to the maximum height i could see where they were going. I am probably the only beekeeper who is afraid of heights ;-)
Anyway. Since they didn't start building comb yet, there is/was nothing I could do.
I left my business card and told them to call me when they centralized on one spot.

to be continued ?! ;-)