Saturday, December 10, 2011

chimney bees ventura

Today i got a call from ventura for bees in a chimney. 2 Story home and I am afraid of heights so big fun (NOT) WHen i looked down in the 2 story chimney I saw this:
The comb started about 2 ft from the top of the chimney, so my hands could only reach the top of the comb. I used a rake to "catch" the comb when i was cutting it with my other hand. To my surprise it worked and i got 95% of the comb out, only real small parts fell down. Will pick them up tomorrow evening.

I went to collect the bees today, since it will rain tomorrow. I was only able to take one picture before my camera froze on my with a cryptic "change the battery pack" (but I tried all 4 fully charged batteries, still the same error) [CLICK ON PICTURE FOR ENLARGED VIEW]

I left the nuc box strapped on top of the chimney so the bees could regroup. That certainly worked since almost all bees were inside the box!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

roof bees

I was asked to come to Agoura Hills today for a quote for removing bees. The bees are 22' up in the air.
taken from the neighbors home. [CLICK ON PICTURE FOR ENLARGEMENT]
it's kind of hard to see where they are going. My guess is underneath the top roof. Since there is a liability in place when _I_ openup this roof, I will consult with a general contractor who does have experience/liability insurance for this kind of work. The fact that the home owner (of this according to zillow $1+ Million home) said that he really wanted _me_ to have the bees, and also told me he expected it to be done for nearly nothing, I think it's not gonna work out. We keep hope in these times ;-)