Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cutout in Thousand Oaks

This morning I did a cutout of a post in from of a home in Thousand Oaks.
I had great help: Esther and Eric were there.
Since I didn't bring the bee vac I decided not to smoke the bees and to prevent the queen from running to a space where we couldn't reach here.
This is how it looked after I took the front of the post off


Esther cutting the comb that Eric cut from the post into the frames

After we scooped about 90+% of the bees in the box , we put it on a ladder and put it on top for the bees to re-group.

Strait easy cutout, and with the aid Eric and Esther, we had a lot of fun doing it.

According to the owner they had been there 4-6 weeks.
I think they have been there at least 6 months.
There were 5 layers of comb, about 3' in length inside this post.

I picked up the bees 7:15pm, they had all moved into the wooden box, just a few buzzing around the entrance. Job succeeded.
Esther did get stung (through her glove), she is (imho) now officially ready for beeing a beekeeper.

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  1. Looks beautiful and new. How long were they there?