Wednesday, June 29, 2011

mean bees

Today I went to Moorpark to look at 2 hives at a 40 acre property.
Beautiful environment.
One hive was actually _underneath_ a 20' container.
The bees didn't mind me getting within a few feet from the entrance

But it is "impossible" to dig underneath that container to get to the hive. So it is up to the owner what to do with them.
Next hive was about 30 yards away from the first one.
It was in a pile of "metal junk" which included a compressor of some kind.
The storage container made a perfect spot for the bees.
As soon as I got within 6 feet from them, the first guard bees "bumped" my veil. Not a good sign.
I removes some rubble and finally found the container they were going in to .
I used a crowbar to open up the container.

Lots and lots of honey there. Must have been there "for a while".
Next thing I know, I was _covered_ with bees. My suit is now full with stingers.
Unfortunately they found a way into my suit. I got nailed a few times on my arm but the I think I took about 20-30 on my ankle. That sure didn't feel nice. So I jumped into my car, still covered with bees and drove off. When I got home, this is how the floor om my car looked:

I will order a "mean bee suit" from golden bee product

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