Saturday, June 4, 2011

saturday: special swarm catch

This morning I did a swarm catch that had been hanging in a tree for the last 6 weeks !
A 89 year old lady wanted me to save the bees.

I really had to use my 4WD low gear to get into a canyon were the bees were.
It smelled so nice, there was blooming sage everywhere

My car wouldn't fit here, so I had to walk the rest

The bees had started making comb in the plants just above the ground

I cut away all the branches that were in the way

I used a saw to seperate everything just above the ground and gently shook them into my new (thanks James) Nuc Box.

Sage blossom with a lot of bees on it.

I asked the owner of the property if I could leave some hives in this oasis.
She is thinking about it.

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