Thursday, November 17, 2011

free bee removal

I get calls every day if I do free bee removal. I try and explain that:
- my car doesn't run on free gas. - my car has agricultural insurance because of what it's used for which costs me double from a personal insurance.
- i have a 2 million $ general liability insurance which isn't free
- there is only a 25% chance that a cutout colony will stay (50% for the first month, 50% after one year)once you put it into a wooden box.
- every wooden box costs material and labor.
So if it was for breeding bees, it's more logical to do a split of my current hives to get more colonies. It's cheap, simple, i don't have to get the bees out of a construction and i know the genetics of the bees upfront. And yet, people on the phone think those stinging insects are worth gold for a beekeeper and we should be thankful to take them away for free. Last week someone told me she was convinced people would pay her money to get a colony out of a abandoned wet vacuum in her garden. The answer is still the same and simple: I can not work for free. Even after hearing my list of why, they still want you to come, do the work, get stung _for free_ Oh well...

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  1. there were actually bees in an old shopvac? crazy!!