Wednesday, November 2, 2011

what could have caused this ?

I am lucky to have some hives in an uninhabited area. So inhabited that the bees can not fly (3-5 miles) to an area where chemicals are used. This is on a 2000 acre cattle farm. The land owner informed me that one of the hives had been "smashed". I didn't know what to make of it, but today i went to investigate.

This is the entrance to area with the bees. This is normally _closed_ so the cows cannot get near to the bees.
Oh_ oh... that doesn't look good....
This is how one of the hives currently looks likes. As you can see i put a strap around the boxes against wind, animals.
This is how it looked
Close up. Since there was nothing left in the frames (all comb gone!!) i have only one suspect: brother or sister of winnie the pooh. Any reader seen this before ?

UPDATE Some closeup photo's off the wood:

what kind of scratches are on that wood ?
top board broken in pieces
are those chew marks ?
Not something a human would do (imho)

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