Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ventura shed bees

This one was a bit different. We lifted the complete shed at an angle in order to get to the bees. that way we avoided having to cut the floor. [CLICK ON PICTURES FOR ENLARGED PHOTO's]
shed lifted on one side
Peek underneath. 4 feet long comb built between rafters.
The day after i put the comb into the boxed i went back. The landlord called me and said most bees had returned underneath the shed. So I took a small show box, swiped all the bees in and dumped them in the wooden box with the frames/com. Did that a couple of times. 4 hours when it got dark, all bees were in the wooden box. Here they are locked up and ready for transport.
Remains of the comb on the ceiling/floor of the shed. No more bees!

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