Tuesday, March 13, 2012

easy swarm catch

Somebody in Camarillo called today about a bee swarm.
They were hanging from a bird bath and was an easy catch
This was an easy one!
I was able to catch most of them, maybe 20 or so flew up in the air.
I had to close down the box to keep the majority in.
Drove home with the box in the back, suit on, visor down and windows open.
I wonder what the police officer was thinking when he saw me driving like that...


  1. Hi we live in Santa Paula and have a Bee problem! We got a play house for our kids and were working on it yesterday. All of the sudden a swarm of bees lande on the playhouse and are still there over 24 hours later. Is there someone who will move them for free or is this something we will end up paying for? If you coul Emil me with any suggestions is appreciate it!

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