Wednesday, March 28, 2012

dual standards...

I got a call today.
Somebody has bought a piece of property and is building a house on it.
They discovered "bees" in a cliff in the ground.
Since Bees normally don't house in ground, I am thinking about yellow jackets and not bees.
I look up the address with google maps: 30 miles, 45 minutes one way trip.
I explain that I am willing to come, inspect and make an offer. But in case they don't want to pay for the removal, I will be charging them $25 (for 90 minutes of my time /gas money). And they don't want to do that.
"we will see for another week if we can find someone else who will take them, if not, we will put some kind of bomb on them"

What are people's thoughts exactly about the value of bees ?
Enough for a beekeeper to work for free, but otherwise disposable if you have to pay to get it removed ?

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