Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bee class Sun May 15

I organized an open HIVE/House today.
Intended for bee-ginners to get some hands-on experience in regards to bees.

5 People turned up.
They predicted a 40-60% chance of rain, but luckily it stayed dry.
After some talks and a quick tour through the garden, we set down, drank something and talked some more.
We then tasted 3 different kinds of honey, put on our suits and started doing a cutout of a swarm trap into a wooden medium box.


In the tree in the back you can see the swarm trap.

We fired up the smoker and gave them some puffs

Inspecting the first piece of comb

Showed the others some of the things to look for.

Tying in the first piece of comb in the frame with rubberbands

Some of the others took turns cutting the comb and putting them into frames.

Almost done with the cutout

Bees are starting to find their way in the wooden box

I am under the impression everybody had a great time. I hope we didn't kill too many bees.
I certainly enjoyed it.

Thanks you all !


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