Friday, May 6, 2011

pest control sprayed my trapout!

I got a call from friends of another Backwards Beekeeper (hi James) about a colony that moved inside a wall. They were entering the wall through a water pipe which wasn't properly sealed up.
I installed a trapout device on the wall, and put a wooden NUC box with a couple of frames of comb and honey in it next to the exit.
2 days later i get a call from an EXTERMINATOR who comes regularly to that home to check for mice/rats.
Without asking _anyone_ he simply sprayed the bees.
And (those are his words) he didn't "notice" the wooden box and the trapout device.

I told him i am never gonna use that box again, nor the trapout device and I should be reimbursed for my work.
"I didn't spray directly onto your box"

Well, he didn't see it in the first place right ? how does he know he missed it ?
And spraying means that some pesticides has landed on that box (which was directly underneath the trapout device)

I am so incredibly p****d..

I dunno what to say.


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  1. Danny this is just awful, I know Pam was furious too.