Sunday, May 8, 2011

home build bee vac used for the first time: room for improvement

I used my home build/developed bee vac for the first time.
Problem is : it works too good
there is so much suction that I think the bees get "crushed" in the roller coaster ride of their life. :-(

I did manage to suck half a bee box full:

I am going to make a modification to my setup
I am going to put parts of an AC unit at the entrance of my bee vac that effectively will reduce the air speed (much like an air brake)
Next thing I want to do is get a larger vacuum hose. I want the air speed in the hose to be lower, the only point where I want it to be higher is at the entrance of the tube to suck up the bees.

All (surviving) bees are now inside the box .
I plugged the old entrance to the home.
Will check again in a few days

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  1. A good sized piece of foam at the opposite side of your bee canon will really help. This is a common technique.

    Unfortunately, the amount of suction to do little harm to the bees makes the work take much longer. I bigger hose will help. Also holes in the hose that you can selectively close will reduce the pressure.

    Good luck