Tuesday, May 24, 2011

swarm bees that just want to swarm

The swarm I captured earlier obviously didn't like the nuc box. After 26 hours they left and were hanging in a swarm in a tree in our garden. This was just above our bbq area.
After 2 days of hanging there, i decided to give it another try.
So i put some plywood on the patio cover (it's totally open normally) and put the bees back in the box.

I put 4 frames with wax starter strips in them and 1 frame with old comb with uncapped honey.

I put them inside this box at 5 pm yesterday
Today at 1pm they swarmed again. they were in my orange tree for an hour and finally left.

While they were in the Nuc box, they attached this piece of wax to one of the frames.
Although the frames contain starter strips with 4.9 mm pattern , the addition was done at a 90 degrees angle from the starter strip.

Oh well...

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