Monday, May 9, 2011

My first water box cutout

I got a call today from a Camarillo tire store about bees in a "water box".

I quickly found the box the bees had made "home"

After carefully openening the lid (some comb broke off, but it was unavoidable)

Plenty of comb/bees inside the box

I initially came just with a NUC box, but this would never fit inside such a box.
So I went home and got a wooden medium size box.

When I returned the bees were no scared by the few puffs of smoke I gave them and most had returned on the comb. Which is what I wanted in order to catch the queen without a bee vac.

Before I cut up all comb I first shook the bees into the wooden box.
I was able to fill about 9.5 frames with comb.
At first they still wanted to go out. So the queen wasn't in there yet.

At a certain point a few of the ladies started "fanning" at the entrance of the hive, indicating "here is the queen" and you could really see a mass movement of bees towards the wooden box

As a service to the customer I sealed the entrance of the lid so they wont have returning visitors in the future.

statistics: 1 nailed me (on my back) :-)


  1. :o Look at all that gorgeous comb! How long were they in there?!

    Also, check this out: For most of the hive parts, it's actually less expensive to buy - but for the screened bottom board, it looks like making them is the better option.

    Sorry about your sting. Maybe I should make brownies. They will not do anything for the sting, but they will be delicious :P

  2. The comb wasn't really dark brown yet.
    My uneducated guess is 6-9 months

    I ordered closed bottoms instead of screened.
    Have one though, will set it up to test with.
    Will update tomorrow will new posting
    Another nailed me when I was carrying the box without gloves
    Hmm brownies ....

  3. Cool Pictures! Hey sorry to post this as a comment and maybe you get this a lot but do you know where I can get some Hyper Local Honey? I am in Ventura near Johnson & Telephone. Any help will be appreciated. Feel free to email me if you can help. pitcherjunk at gmail dot com