Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sunday May 15th : open hive in camarillo

Sunday 15 th, starting at 11am I will host an open hive regarding bees & honey at my premises in Camarillo (ventura).
I intend to do one or more hive inspections (bring your suit!) and if the weather/temperature permits a cutout of a swarm trap into a wooden box/frames.
The idea is for new bees to actually learn and do stuff!

Further items that are available:
- how to assemble frames/boxes (air nail gun/compressor available to do it the easy way)
- waxing of starterstrips (there is a limited amount of wax available)
- honey tasting (have several kinds available)
- Southern Arizona honey is also available for sale.

Please send an email message if you want to attend :

Looking forward to this challenge!


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