Friday, May 20, 2011

dual swarm in a peach tree

This morning I got a call to collect a swarm in Thousand Oaks.
When I arrived and inspected the place, it turned out there were 2 swarms !!! in the same tree.
I only brought one NUC box, so I had to improvise a second one.

Left top is a swarm, and one on the stem.

After I brushed most of the bees in the boxes.
Flying bees were landing on the boxes and walking in. Good sign I had the queens in the boxes.

There were a lot of bees left on the tree, so I left the boxes there and will pick them up later today.


  1. Looks great Danny! The TBH is getting close, I hope to have some pics to send you this weekend.

  2. Man. And here I am cooking Shabbat dinner, instead.

    In other news, my neighborhood has said absolutely no bees allowed here. Sadness!

  3. Esther: in that case
    Before ask forgiveness than permission ;-)
    wow: JUST DO IT :-)